In providing the best service to customers,AsCi    mostly associates itself with established products as  well as niche technology, which shall be able to benefit customer significantly. 

1.AsCi have been appointed as the technical  consultant to Monosys whom has the right to market the Spotlite Smartantenna product. Smart antenna is a new generation mobile network antenna based on a multi beam switched antenna concept.  

2.AsCi represent ANDREW and RFS brand for most of its mobile network equipment and accessories. Their names tell about the quality of the products

3.AsCi represents ABCOM for the best mobile antenna systems apart from it names as the engineer for a mobile repeater systems.

4. AsCi offers the up to date repeater technology by ABCOM/COMBA, offering repeater solutions for Band Selective, Channel Selective, Fiber Repeater and Small/compact Repeaters for indoor coverage. AsCi has also successfully implement the Frequency Shifting Repeater for Celcom

5.  AsCi represent TYCO rectifier system and a locally assembled  MSB Batteries for DC power requirement in telecommunication .

6.  Wireless Technology

Microwave, Spread Spectrum and UHF/VHF Radio modem. AsCi associate closely with Alcatel in promoting their wireless transmission technology, the PDH/SDH Microwave Radios and LMDS technology. 

AsCi’s customers start with the like of major mobile operators in the country Celcom, Maxis, Timedot Com and DIGI Telecommunication. Apart from supplying mobile equipment and accessories, AsCi provide services in installation of BTS equipment, SDH transmission equipment, radio system, and power systems. 

AsCi have also introduced a technology driven solution in improving customers network.  It has been in the talking, providing Smart antenna solution for the customer.

In providing telecommunication services, AsCi does not restrict it activities among the telcos. It has been more than a year since AsCi conducted life trial for its RFI radio modem products with Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB).  AsCi anticipate to awarded a turnkey  job  to provide radio link for TNB telemetry and SCADA requirement


Welcome To Asci Communications (M) Sdn. Bhd


About Us

  AsCi Communications Sdn Bhd established since year 2000 under the name “Aspek Cipta (M) Sdn Bhd” was born from a group of system integrator companies dedicated to the growth and development of telecommunication industry in the country. AsCi intend to provide services to the telecommunication operators and corporate companies focusing on the mobile, wireless transmission and optical fiber network environment.

  AsCi, is run by a group of young and ambitious Malay entrepreneurs whom are willing to take the challenge amidst the economic uncertainty during its early year to be part of the ever-growing telecommunication industry. In AsCi, we believe in focusing on a niche market of the telecommunication industry, providing highly capable technical personnel and associating our self with those having wider experience in the trade, shall offer the ultimate solution to the customer.

  As such we have teamed up with the more experience network development consultants, associating with the more established products in the market, focusing mostly on the mobile/wireless telecommunication industry, offering indoor coverage solution and network optimization solutions to the customer.

  From the past experience in the RF environment, AsCi is now the proud owner of the brand ABCOM, the OEM products based on RF and microwave technologies. ABCOM produce a range of RF and Microwave components ranging from the passive components such as GSM, 3G and CDMA panel antennas to the active equipment such as boosters and repeaters.  


Our Vision

  In supporting the government vision towards industrialized country, AsCi aims to be the leading Bumiputra Company providing a technology based solution for the mobile network environment.

   AsCi visions to move further as a turnkey solution provider whom shall be able to design, plan and implement and optimize a mobile  the in-building requirement and optimization program. AsCi have a mission to produce a pool of local technical personnel whom shall be able to support the Telco’s for better services.  

   In AsCi we believe our knowledge, dedication, commitment and support from the government and local industries, will make this highly challenging mission possible. As a team, the management and staff of this company proudly look forward to turn this vision into reality.

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